Welcome to PythonBelgrade !#

This is the official documentation website for Python Belgrade, a monthly meetup for python enthusiasts!

Who is PythonBelgrade ?#

PythonBelgrade is a registered NGO “Udruzenje Gradjana” Python Belgrade PIB: 28253567. It consists of a community of people that make sure every event is on par to the standards set by previous years, everyone can be an organizer they just need to have some good will and love for the language ❤️.

Applications for members can be sent to our contact google group [info /at/ pythonbelgrade dotcom]


List of members who helped organize events are throughout the years:

  • Ruslan Korneev

  • Andjela Dojcinovic

  • Snezana Bogdanovic

  • Misha

  • Petar Nikolovski

  • Luka Licina

  • Irina Nisavic

  • Ana Ostojic

  • Milos Karajovic

  • Bojan Jovanovic

What is the program of the meetup ?#

Meetup lasts for 2hours, and is consisted of 2 talks that last for 30minutes of talk time followed by 10minutes of Q/A from the audience. Instead of the 3rd talk, we do community lightning talks, lightning talks are quick 6 talks capped at 5minutes from the audience, where you get to share and talk about whatever is on your mind.

Here is a video we made for the Pycon Balkan conference explaining what lightning talks are

Lightning talks themselfs do not neccesarily have to be technical you can talk about the weather or a picture of a spider you just drew for all we care, but for no longer than 5 mintues.

How to subscribe to a lightning talk ?#

We post a google sheets link approximately a week before the meetup launches, you can follow that link to add your name, and we will call you out when you are on the event.

How to do a 30minute talk ?#

Call for proposals are always open and we are always looking for more talks you can send us your talk at cfp [at] pythonbelgrade dot com.

In the email you should introduce youself, who you are what are you working on right now or any relevant information you would like to share about yourself. The topic of the talk and an abstract of the talk.

We then find the right spot for you for one of the following meetups and once we agree on the schedule, we announce on the meetup.com group.


This is my first time at a meetup, do I need to have anything when I come to the meetup, like a laptop ?#

Absolutely nothing at all! All you need is good will to connect with people and talk about python. Only reason why you may want to bring a laptop would be if you are planning to give lightning talk and you wish to flex with live coding.