Sponsorship: Python Belgrade Meetup#

We are excited to present you with an exclusive sponsorship opportunity for Meetup Python Belgrade, the premier Python community in the region. By becoming a sponsor, you will not only support the growth of this vibrant community but also gain valuable exposure for your company and access to a network of talented professionals.

Sponsorship Tiers#

Tier 1 - Sponsor: 1400€#

All the benefits from Tier 2, plus the following:

  • Acknowledgment and Gratitude: Your company will be acknowledged and appreciated by the host at the beginning of each meetup.

  • Swag Showcase: You will have the opportunity to showcase your company’s swag on a dedicated side table during every meetup.

  • Speaking Opportunity: Priority consideration for one of your representatives to deliver a technical and educational talk at 5 out of 10 meetups per year. Please note that we kindly ask that talks avoid being primarily promotional in nature. However, speakers are welcome to provide relevant information about their company, recruitment opportunities, and other related aspects, as long as the educational and technical focus of the talk remains intact.

Tier 2 - Supporter: 500€#

Sponsorship Banner

Sponsorship Benefits:

  • Sponsorship Banner: Your company’s logo will be prominently featured on our rollup, which will be prominently displayed at every meetup throughout the entire year. In addition, your sponsored swag will be distributed to attendees during these meetups, allowing your brand to reach a wide and engaged audience.

  • Website Recognition: Your company name and logo will be permanently featured on our website.

  • Complimentary Merchandise: Receive Python Belgrade Meetup merchandise, including exclusive t-shirts and other swag items, to showcase your support and affiliation with the community.

Why Sponsor Meetup Python Belgrade?#

  • Visibility: Your company logo will gain exposure to a highly engaged community of Python enthusiasts, including professionals, students, and hobbyists. This exposure extends beyond the duration of individual meetups as your logo will remain on our rollup and website, ensuring continuous brand recognition.

  • Networking: Connect with like-minded professionals, potential employees, and collaborators who are passionate about Python and technology.

  • Recruitment Opportunities: Meetup Python Belgrade attracts a diverse range of talented individuals, offering you a platform to showcase your company’s values, culture, and career opportunities.

  • Thought Leadership: Delivering a technical talk at our meetups establishes your company as an authority in the field, allowing you to share valuable knowledge and insights with the community.

How to Get Involved?#

To secure your sponsorship spot or learn more about how your company can support Meetup Python Belgrade, please contact us at sponsorship@pythonbelgrade.com. Thank you for considering this exciting sponsorship opportunity. We look forward to partnering with you and building a stronger Python community together!

How Your Sponsorship Benefits Meetup Python Belgrade#

Your sponsorship funds will be utilized to enhance and elevate the overall quality of Meetup Python Belgrade. We are committed to ensuring that the community continues to thrive and provide exceptional experiences for all participants. Here are some ways in which your sponsorship will make a significant impact:

  • Securing Top-Notch Speakers: We will allocate funds to bring in highly respected and experienced speakers from around the world. This will enable us to offer diverse and cutting-edge content that enriches the knowledge and skills of our attendees.

  • Enhanced Meetup Experience: We strive to provide an exceptional experience for our attendees. With your support, we can explore additional features such as live streaming, interactive sessions, and other innovative elements that elevate the overall meetup experience.

By sponsoring Meetup Python Belgrade, you are actively contributing to the growth and advancement of the Python community. Your support will directly translate into enriching experiences, top-quality content, and continuous improvement of our events.

We deeply appreciate your contribution and look forward to creating an outstanding and impactful Python Belgrade Meetup!

If you have any specific preferences or ideas on how you would like your sponsorship funds to be utilized, we are more than happy to discuss and accommodate your wishes.

Reach out to us at sponsorship@pythonbelgrade.com.

The Python Belgrade team ❤️