How much are the tickets for meetups and lectures?

Unless specifically stated otherwise, all our events can be attended free of charge. Most of the time all you have to do is show up – for larger events there will be a registration form. In case some events require ticket purchasing, we will notify all interested parties weeks in advance.

I want to be a speaker at one of your events, how can I do that?

In order to speak at our events, you need to satisfy but three requirements: you have to be a reputable professional, a lecturer who can offer some value and knowledge to the attendees, and a decent human being. If you think you fulfil all three of these basic prerequisites, please apply for dates that suite you here.

We aspire to provide value for both beginners and senior programmers at our events; while most individual lectures last for about 30 minutes, bear in mind that preparing a good lecture often takes some time and effort, so make sure you spare several hours if you are to become our speaker.