Python Belgrade #4#


PostgreSQL —

  • Abstract:

Jozef will headline the talks by giving us some insight on a database some of us have considered as a just plain old relational database of choice. Not only is it a swiss army knife database but it can do so much more than just keep track of our relational data.

Websockets in Python —

  • Abstract:

For a while now python has been crippled for a good implementation of websockets, we saw tons of custom solutions from implementations on the network framework Twisted to some custom gevent solutions.Jiří will give us an introduction on how Skypicker solves this issue by using a modern stack of Python 3 + Tornado + AsyncIO and cover some of the general pitfalls as well as best practices.

BigML —

  • Abstract:

BigML makes machine learning easy by taking care of the details required to add data-driven decisions and predictive power to your company. Ondrej will give us a crash course on how to get us quickly up and running with this cloud machine learning platform.References: - BigML

Python OCR —

  • Abstract:

Tomas will give us an insight into a python solution that encompasses scanning of receipts and storing them away into Database for a handy way of pipelining it for further analytics software.

Python X Golang: when to switch to the dark side —

  • Abstract:

Go is getting a lot of attention in the world of Python. When starting a project or improving (not only) Python codebase, it’s good time to consider switching to Go. We will go over the tooling, libraries and language features to try and figure out when leaving Python behind could lead to happier developers and better code.