Python Belgrade #37#


Using Cython and Rust to Speed up Python Scripts —

  • Abstract:

Zarko will do a hands on coding presentation where he will start off with a simple Python CPU intensive function. Then write that function in Cython and Rust, call them from the Python script and compare performances.

This presentation would be an entry-level intro to using Cython and Rust in Python projects.

FARM Stack - How to create highly performant, asynchronous, modern, web applications in Python using the hot new FastAPI framework, with MongoDB as the database layer and the power and simplicity of React —

  • Abstract:

The FARM (FastAPI, Python, React, Mongo) stack is a relatively low-level and highly flexible toolset that enables developers, analysts, and data wranglers, in general, to start very small and scale up if needed, ending up with either a small internal tool or a full-fledged web application.

Combined together, these technologies blend very well, and though they bear a funny acronym (the FARM stack), they allow for a pleasant and fast developer experience, offer speed and flexibility, and most importantly, the opportunity to peruse the wide Python ecosystem, which is suitable for the most diverse problems – from data science and machine learning to analytics and image processing, task automation, and more. The use of HTTP and JSON as the transport mechanism enables the developers to integrate numerous functionalities from the Python (Pandas and Numpy, for example) or the JavaScript side (like data visualizations with D3.js or other libraries, maps with Leaflet and so on).