Python Belgrade #34#


Maintaining peace by preparing for war —

  • Abstract:

How to choose the right framework? How about a library? What must a developer take into consideration when choosing tools (frameworks, libraries, modules, …) to be used in a project? These are important questions that each developer must answer during the development process. Mistakenly, developers think that these questions are part of the project owner’s or software architect’s job. But they are the ones who will develop and maintain the project and it is important to take these questions into consideration despite the fact that you may not be the one making the decisions. Even if your choices are made for you, by taking time to prepare, you will be able to better predict the problems that may arise during the project’s lifetime. I will convey my experience and best practices I acquired during 10 years of software development using various Python web frameworks and libraries. The talk will provide important checks to consider before the start of a project, as well as remind developers of the need for constant education and change tracking. Also, it will stress the importance that planning and preparation have in facilitating code change and project growth.

Performance testing of Python services —

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Many teams at some point of the project development lifecycle realize a need for performance tests for their backend services. The idea of having automated reproducible tests that would help to find the performance limit, identify bottlenecks and detect performance regression on changes seems really attractive. But setting up and maintaining such tests can be tricky and require a lot of effort.

I’m Max, Senior Software Engineer from, and I will share with you our experience with performance testing of a complex backend service, will tell you what questions should be asked before starting with it, and will cover some main steps of the process, like choosing testing tools, preparing test data, setting up test environment, what to do with external services and how to interpret the test results.

Lightning Talks:#

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