Python Belgrade [Resurrection] #24 @ICTHUB#


Observe production, without the SSH —

  • Abstract:

So your code is in production, now what? Do you know, if your application is up? Do you knew if something goes wrong? When it does, how will you debug it?

Let’s talk observability, the latest buzzword, what it means, and how to get started!

Narrenschiff: More than a satire, a tool! —

  • Abstract:

Do you need to encrypt Kubernetes secrets and safely commit manifests and custom Helm charts? Do you need to rebuild a cluster, or to have another copy of an existing namespace - but you don’t remember how you did it in the first place? Narrenschiff is a Kubernetes configuration management tool for small business.

It’s also a story of a DevOps engineer’s frustration with tool fatigue - and then taking it a step further.References: - NarrenOrg - Narrenschiff