Python Belgrade #20#


Enriching django templates with fancy logic —

  • Abstract:

Django offers a full-fledged environment for building web applications from top to bottom, and that’s awesome. But while the backend development allows the logic to be as advanced as needed, the fronted is still limited to just template rendering. Having logic-less(ish) templates is a nice principle that avoids unnecessary issues, but what do you do when you really need having frontend logic in only some parts of the application?

Preparing for growth - logs, charts and alerts —

  • Abstract:

Your software solution can initially be handled by checking logs at the moment of curiosity, examining requests themselves and knowing what to look for. What happens when your requests double? Triple? Grow a thousand times? Prepare your infrastructure for proper monitoring with simple software patterns - then break no sweat when it’s time to implement these tools.

Complex networks: analysis and visualization —

  • Abstract:

The study of complex networks has been an extremely active field in recent years. This is not surprising given their wide application in many scientific and technological research areas and the fact that the world becomes more and more “connected” every second. First we’ll give a short introduction to the theory of complex networks, their structure, properties, and some math basis. Then we will go through some of the most common methods and algorithms for complex networks analysis, and show their implementation in some practical cases, including social and geospatial networks.