Python Belgrade #18#


Creating melody in Python —

  • Abstract:

Experimenting and playing around with music is a good way to pass time and doing it with a programming language brings another level of fun to the whole experience. In this talk we will go through some basic musical concepts and then using free and open source software we’ll generate few simple melodies. It’s a beginner level talk that won’t bore you with too much music theory and might interest you to do your own musical experiments

Automated generation of text, images and music using methods from machine learning —

  • Abstract:

Machine learning has archived a wide range of amazing results in the last couple of years, from beating the world champion in Go, to autonomous driving and signal processing. Python has played a significant role in this as an amazing frontend and language that allows ML engineers to focus on ML rather then tehnicalities and boilerplate code.

We will look to explore the current methods in the field used to generate text (make a neural network write like Shakespeare or write XML or Python code), process sound (play Piano or try to remove the noise from the sound) and images (making neural networks dream). We will speak about the limitations and state of the art methods known today for the mentioned topics.