Python Belgrade #15#

  • Location: Kortechs

  • Date: 2018-01-26 18:00


Zero-Downtime datacenter failovers —

  • Abstract:

Luka will have a talk about an excruciating feat that he performed last year together with his team. Task was a 2TB database migration in Mysql to a different host on a live infrastructure used by 1000 simultaneous realtime connections, with a ZERO DOWNTIME. The task lasted for a week and was a real success, so drop by to hear how Luka and his guys did the job

You saw it – shinning new - GRAPHQL! —

  • Abstract:

Everybody wants to use it, everyone needs to use it. But how is it in real life? Krzysztof will explain this phenomenon and give some insights about what he learned during integrating python backend with GraphQL, so be sure not to miss this.