Python Belgrade #12#

  • Location: Kortechs

  • Date: 2017-09-29 18:00


Serverless technologies —

  • Abstract:

Mislav Cimpersak will talk about Serverless technologies. He will present both positive and negative sides of Serverless technologies and he will also talk about the ways of applying Python on them. Mislav will provide us with code examples for better understanding and he will demonstrate how we can make great use of it.References: - Styria

Transferring Mobile Games to the Cloud with Python —

  • Abstract:

Darko will talk about transferring Mobile Games to the Cloud with Python. When a mobile game development company decides to switch to a more cloud based development it is faced with obstacles different from those it’s used to on mobile devices. This talk will explain how Python provides us with most of the infrastructure for this task and how a Python game backend is built as a result.

How Python can be used connected to Blockchain —

  • Abstract:

Vuksan will explain how Python can be used connected to Blockchain. Stay tuned for more detailed information, it’s coming up soon!