Python Belgrade is a non-profit, networking-oriented IT community organization. Go to our homepage for more info.

Unless specifically stated otherwise, all our events can be attended free of charge. Most of the time all you have to do is show up – for larger events there will be a registration form. In case some events require ticket purchasing, we will notify all interested parties weeks in advance.

A great question, indeed. Altruism and the greater IT good may be a part of the reason, but we mostly do all this because we want to meet some great new people ourselves. In the IT world, networking is everything, and we believe that connecting with the people you can learn from goes a long way. We also care about education and creating opportunities for everyone. Finally, we actually have fun planning and executing these events.

Hopefully yes. Ideally, some value for the attendees will be provided by every speaker at every one of our events. However, make sure to inquire into what the topic of the event is prior to showing up – it might so happen that some topics may be more suitable for some people. Our goal is to help people learn, if not to teach them ourselves, so feel free to write to us if you have any questions.

Firstly, if you haven’t already done so, make a stellar LinkedIn page – but don’t lie about your skills. Then, come to one of our events and, gently and kindly, meet some of the many distinguished professionals who work in Python. If they can’t help you with finding a job, they can certainly give you great advice, or keep you in mind for a future project. Finally, feel free to ask us if we know anyone who could benefit from your skills. In any case, don’t hesitate to step up and talk to people if you follow our events.

In order to speak at our events, you need to satisfy but three requirements: you have to be a reputable professional, a lecturer who can offer some value and knowledge to the attendees, and a decent human being. If you think you fulfil all three of these basic prerequisites, please, contact us and we’ll make sure to enlist you as a speaker at one of our meetups. All our events are topical and aspire to provide value for both beginners and senior programmers; while most individual lectures last between 20-45 minutes, bear in mind that preparing a good lecture often takes a bit of time and effort, so make sure you spare several hours if you are to become our speaker.

Just contact us and tell us how you could help. Python Belgrade is a non-profit organization which finances its own endeavors and any sponsorship is greatly appreciated.

Hopefully yes. Send us an email with your questions and we will endeavor to find developers who can reply to you with good answers.